Child Care Center Registration: The Basics Of The Application

Child Care Center Registration: The Basics Of The Application

3 Ways You Can Teach Sharing To Your Child

Patsy Brown

Unless your child has had the opportunity to interact with other children before heading to daycare, he or she might struggle with the concept of sharing with his or her peers. Failing to share can not only lead to battles between your child and his or her peers, but it can make it challenging for your child to develop friendships with others. To help your child understand the importance of sharing once he or she heads to day care, here are some tips.  

Be a Sharing Role Model

As your child's role model, you can use your position in his or her life to encourage sharing. When sharing with your child or with others, point out how happy it makes the other person and yourself to share.  

Whenever you share with your child, encourage him or her to take turns with you. The more you model sharing and ask your child to reciprocate, the more second-nature it will seem to him or her.  

Plan Ahead for Sharing

Before packing up for daycare each day, ask your child to choose a couple of items to share with his or her peers. Although your child offering up his or her favorite toy might seem like a good idea, it could lead to conflicts later during the day.  

Instead, ask your child to take some toys or items that he or she likes, but is comfortable with sharing. While packing up the items, talk to your child about how much fun he or she will have while sharing with his or her daycare friends and how happy they will be.  

Notice Good Sharing

Although the moments in which your child does not share are probably more noticeable, you need to avoid only speaking on the subject when he or she is not being a good sharer. Compliment your child on good sharing habits when they occur.  

Complimenting your child helps to reaffirm that he or she is doing the right thing. It also avoids feelings that the only time you interact with your child is when he or she is doing the wrong thing. If your child is an especially good sharer, you can even consider giving him or her a reward.  

Communicate with your child's daycare teacher about teaching your child sharing. He or she will more than likely have great suggestions on other things you can do that are specific to your child. For more information, contact companies like Carousel Of Learning Pre-School & Nursery.


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Child Care Center Registration: The Basics Of The Application

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